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A Bible professor once asked his students, “Who was more successful, Moses or Joshua?” He quickly followed with a second question, “Elijah or Elisha?” He then gave his students until the next class to think about their answers. When the students returned, he asked the questions again. One by one, his students responded agreeing that Joshua and Elisha were more successful than their predecessors. The students reasoned that Joshua was the better leader because he brought the children into the promised land, not Moses. They thought Elisha was a better leader because he had a double portion of Elijah’s anointing and had performed twice as many miracles.

After patiently listening to each student’s response the teacher announced, “You have all failed the test!” The students were dumbfounded. Almost in unison, they asked, “Why?” The teacher paused for effect and then calmly asked, “How does God measure success?… In God’s eyes, real success is not achieved without a successor. Joshua and Elisha didn’t have successors and their ministries died with them. When Moses and Elijah passed on, their ministries continued through those they had trained.”

Sobering words, right? That story should cause us to reflect on our lives and the impact we’re having for God’s kingdom. Will our ministry and influence outlast our lifetime, or, will it end when we’ve gone to heaven? What are we doing about training the next generation – our successors?

At Harrison Christian University we are taking this challenge very seriously. As an online school, Harrison Christian University is committed to reaching our successors with the precious message of the Word of Faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit. What we have learned, seen, and experienced in the Lord is vital to the success of our successors, and we want to invite you to partner with us to ensure this message is embraced by the next generation.

The Buddy Harrison Scholarship Fund

Pastor Buddy Harrison

The Buddy Harrison Scholarship Program is made available by the generous supporters of Faith Christian Fellowship International and Harrison Christian University and done so in the memory of FCF’s founder, Buddy Harrison. Buddy Harrison Scholarships are available and considered on a case by case basis when private funding becomes available. (See “Buddy Harrison Scholarship Application” in the HCU Academic Catalog.)